Terranigma Fix for SNES Classic/Canoe Emulator

26. Lis 2017.
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Apple to Terranigma (E) [!] rom with no header

  • Yeah I patched the rom with this piece of shit and it still didn't work.

    PPPrije godine
  • all of the 'Terranigma (E) [!]' roms i find seem to have a header...like all of them the only one i found that didn't have a header (the one from that site everyone uses), was called something completely different and was a SFC file any info on this?

    thesatanic6thesatanic6Prije 2 godina
    • what about this www.romhacking.net/hacks/541/ is there any difference, it says that it is supposed to make the translation, but it is from a completely different sourche then the one in the video...says for headered on that one

      thesatanic6thesatanic6Prije 2 godina
    • You can use a rom with an sfc extension, it doesn't matter if it's smc or sfc and in reality they're the same. You can also use something like snes rom utility (www.romhacking.net/utilities/593/) to remove a header as well

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 2 godina
  • Can't download. I click on the button and nothing happens... can you fix it?

    NeoZaruNeoZaruPrije 2 godina
    • R9delta Never mind I resolved the Issue but thank you.

      NeoZaruNeoZaruPrije 2 godina
    • No, I can't. It works fine for me so I can't replicate your issue.

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 2 godina
  • How do I use this? I can't seem to find instructions for it.

    O PO PPrije 2 godina
  • So glad you are doing work like this. Not sure if you remember, but you helped me with some patches in the past... Was wondering if you heard about Far East of Eden Zero finally getting a translation patch? I got the cart, but of course the patch isn't working on the retron 5... wondering if you could take a look at it!

    NintenjoelNintenjoelPrije 3 godina
    • Damn! Well, I appreciate the response either way. I wonder if they will release another update... They probably should anyway. I still have problems playing some games, most notably Shining Force II. Oh well, i only paid 6 bucks for the Far East of Eden cart, so no biggie, if you can't get it to work! Thanks man!

      NintenjoelNintenjoelPrije 3 godina
    • I remember :) Anyway yeah I've been looking into that patch and while I haven't attempted to run it on the Retron 5 nor make modifications to it yet it's likely it may not be possible to run on the Retron 5 or Retro Freak unless Hyperkin releases an update for their console. The translation patch changes the location of some art assets and older emulators do not play well with it. Only the most current version of Snes9x and BSNES/Higan are compatible with it and I have a feeling this will probably be an issue for the R5 with the way it emulates the SPC7110. I'll definitely be taking a look though

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 3 godina