Retro Freak FDS sample

1. Vel 2016.
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  • downloaded the link put it on sd card does not work still please make video on how to do it? no one else has!

    R And T mancaveR And T mancavePrije godine
  • how did you do your set up? I put the bios disksys.rom in the BIOS folder and all i get is a gray screen....

    Retrogamer DellRetrogamer DellPrije 3 godina
    • It could be that either the bios is a bad dump or the game that you're testing is, i'm not sure. I put together a zip a long time ago that has it exactly how i've had my FDS configuration set up. You can try using it and see if it'll fix the issue for you:

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 3 godina
  • I thought it was Duck Hunt with the barking dog :) I have my Retro Freak now and there are lots of controls that work. You can even plug a mouse in even wireless Logitech controllers work on it.

    CX X64CX X64Prije 4 godina