Patch Making Demonstration for Retron 5

14. Ruj 2014.
2 023 Pregleda

Quick tutorial/step-by-step of what I did here about 6 posts down:
Tools needed for this endeavor:
-The base rom you want to convert from (as in the matching cartridge you want to translate or convert on the Retron 5) this video's case being Tetris Attack (U)
-The ending result rom you want to convert or translate this case being Panel De Pon (J)...and also the patch to translate Panel De Pon to begin with.
-Snes rom header remover:
-Lunar IPS (for the actual patching and patch making):

  • Hi there, does that Link to the Past translation ips only translate the text or completely change the J rom to the official US rom? I'd prefer a translation-only patch.

    SimpoldoodSimpoldoodPrije 4 godina
    • I already checked on there, oh well :( but thanks for all the other translation patches that you did though.

      SimpoldoodSimpoldoodPrije 4 godina
    • It converts to the US rom. Sorry, I can only make or fix patches between roms/translation patches that already exist. Best thing to do is hit up and see if there's already just strictly a translation patch.

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 4 godina
  • Is there any way to convert Xdelta to ips?

    MobileDecayMobileDecayPrije 6 godina
    • @SegaGaming Nevermind i figured it out. Lol.

      MobileDecayMobileDecayPrije 6 godina
    • @SegaGaming Are you aware of a tool that creates an ips from a patched Genesis game?

      MobileDecayMobileDecayPrije 6 godina
    • @SegaGaming Thanks!

      MobileDecayMobileDecayPrije 6 godina
    • In a roundabout way but yeah :) Take the xdelta patch you're wanting to use and patch the rom on the PC that it's for using one of the various xdelta patchers out there like this one: Then make an IPS patch between the base rom and the end result you just made using Lunar IPS.

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 6 godina
  • Very cool. I think I followed that, but I wish you'd add some voiceover describing what you're doing, or do a write-up with some step by step directions.

    Raygan KellyRaygan KellyPrije 6 godina
    • No problem :) No mic and a bit self-conscious anyway but I did a quick and dirty write-up here a few posts down: This video was made with that thread in mind actually.

      R9deltaR9deltaPrije 6 godina